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Ways to Celebrate a Sweet 16 in NYC

Turning 16 is a milestone in a girl’s life and the celebration should be unforgettable. In New York City, there are many options to fit any girl’s favorite activities, from formal to sporty and everything in-between.

Dinner and a Show

For a small group, dinner and a show could be great, especially if the guest of honor loves the theatre. To save on costs, check out the matinee prices and have your dinner after the show.

Party Bus Tour

If you are planning on inviting a lot of guests, a party bus would be a good option of sweet 16 ideas in NYC. With a party bus tour, you’ll have entertainment inside and out. It is all inclusive and all the guests stay together and safe.

Take a Cruise

On a cruise, you could get a great shot of the birthday girl with the Statue of Liberty in the background. Some tours offer refreshments and a group discount.

Take Me out to the Ball Game

If sports are her thing, a sweet 16 can take in a game. A birthday message can be displayed on the scoreboard at halftime.

Skate Party

In the winter, there are outdoor ice skating rinks at Rockefeller Center and Central Park. In the summer you can roller skate in Central Park or go to numerous other rinks. Prospect Park in Brooklyn has a year-round skating rink and offers group rates.

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