School Singing Group Uses a Party Bus to Get to Performance

Young children can enjoy a party bus ride the same as adults. This is especially true if you have enough of them along for the ride. Our school singers were a mixed group of kids from 11 to 15. They all got along great. When we needed to drive over an hour to a performance, we decided to use a party bus company in Toronto to take us there and back. We got a bus big enough to hold the kids and the adults plus all the gear we carry. We picked a party bus because they are a lot more fun and comfortable to ride in than a school bus.

We got the idea because of being part of a wedding just a few weeks before. My wife and I were members of the bridal party, and we really enjoyed the fun on the party bus. We had soft drinks and snacks for the kids. It was not long into the ride that the group leader started to play some music over the party bus sound system. Then the kids would practice by doing some impromptu individual performances where the rest of the singers would join in. The harmonies were amazing. These kids are real pro quality even though they are not adults yet.

The bus ride was super comfortable. The seats are arranged in a way that people could sit and talk, and there was a dance floor in the middle where the kids practiced. We had our arrangement practiced perfectly, so the practice on the bus was like a whole separate performance. It was really a lot of fun. Young adults, snacks, soft drinks, music and singing made me feel young. My wife leads this group of kids. She is the one that originally suggested we use a party bus. The fun ride really got them primed to perform because they really rocked the house that night.

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