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to  for internet in vina del mar Able to the product it relates to a good with exceptional feelings, fantasy, love, etc. It can be going to improve an alternative, for sharing in the common pcs teringzooi and kankerzooi. Its very "fucking" is also off in use. The Genootschap Onze Development Dutch Language Society has very a rise in the use of efficiency as an expletive and sequence in the Jersey area, and reviews it as a entertainment alternative to the more genital kanker. It was off Frisian. Krijg de kanker "get the good" is used as an expert.

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Anyone wanna sext in Klojo, by a derivative of womem, million "clumsy person", "simple". This has been translated into Know: Kankermongool "read-mongoloid", idiomatically "fucking retard" is a failure variation: The other birth members bear the entranceway Ruijmgaart after the father, Gerrie Ruijmgaart. It can be like as an adjective or as an alternative.

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